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In 2005, the court awarded me a judgment against a guy for the money I paid him to do a job that he never did. Because I had a law enforcement background and the basic understanding of how law works, I thought; ‘How hard can this be to get my money?’

Well, it wasn’t as easy as you would think. I quickly found out that the court doesn’t get you your money. They only give you a piece of paper (the judgment) and out you go on your own. I wanted to know what to do next. They told me that the court and court employees don’t give legal advice and to ‘have a nice day’. Many of the attorneys that I talked to had no idea how to enforce a money judgment. Those that did told me that it would cost more to go after the judgment than what the judgment was worth – and that is if I did all the legwork of finding the debtor and the debtor’s assets. Seriously, some were wanting as much as $250 an hour – with no guarantee of success.

Over the next 18 months, after tons of research, I went through the process of finding him, garnishing his pay, and ultimately collecting all the money owed me. I realized that the only reason I was successful was because I never stopped doing whatever it took to get my money. I also realized that the reason there are so many uncollected judgments is because the creditors don't have the time, knowledge, or tenacity it takes to do it. I decided to take what I learned and go into business helping people collect their judgments. I started working from home, but the business grew so quickly that I had to move it into an office and hire staff. While my business has gotten larger, I still use the same methods that I used when I first started. I treat all accounts like it’s my money.

Cold Case Recovery